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Here you'll find the various works done by others who liked my strip so much they did their own interpretation. Click on each fragment to see a fuller version of the picture.

This picture of Caroline walking the lonely city is by Daniel Milford-Cottam, the maniac - I mean, genius behind Blotto Street, a daily comic about British University life, which I think y'all should go and read now because British comic strips rule! As well you know... 

This image of Caroline defeating the Fridge Monster (awwww!) was done by damonk13, and is based on the punchline of an early strip (this one here I think). Damonk also draws Framed!!!, which details the adventures of a boy and a girl trapped in a nipple-less G-Rated cartoon.

This is a group shot of Martin, Caroline, Jane and the Fridge Monster, done by the wonderfully talented Sandra Delete who does Boy meets Boy, the adventures of a gay couple an the strange people who are their friends. And I think their landlady is hot :)

These two are headshots of Caroline and Carla respectively, and anyone who didn't recognise that straight away should leave this place now, ashamed and guilty. Or some such :). They were drawn by my good friend Neunstern, a regular haunter of the Everything Jake message boards, and a budding Manga-style artist, who I think should draw lots more - in fact her website has several comics she started and should finish, but hey - me being me I've lost the URL (groan). I'll put it up here soon though. Meanwhile, just appreciate the art for it is funky!


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